Tuesday, April 13

Joss Whedon to Direct Avengers Movie!

Variety and E! Online confirmed that Joss Whedon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Firefly") will direct the Avengers movie featuring Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Thor. It is to be released in theaters May 4, 2012. The above picture is inaccurate because it has Venom and Wolverine, but they were Avengers once. I am happy for Whedon. He didn't get to do Wonder Woman, but he has written for the X-Men comics, so directing this is natural. People should have no fear in his movie directing skills, that he only directed Serenity, but he has directed many Buffy and Angel episodes and studied film-making. And he knows comics very well. SO this is the best move the powers that be have ever done since Singer and X-Men and Raimi and Spider-Man.

E! Online