Tuesday, April 20

Glee Madonna Episode Review

"The Power of Madonna"
When I first heard of this episode, with Madonna songs throughout an episode, I'd thought it was interesting. It is really surpassed expectations. Glee is a ray of sunshine. Yes, some people believe most of it is full of stereotypes but I think it breaks them down. This episode does have more Sue than I wished but I like the feminism and gender roles issues in this episode. How men treat women, how women are expected to be--double standards and silly gender roles. Jesse is a welcomed character as he wedges the team more. Now I understand why they made the Glee group all ooey-gooey friends in the last episodes of the first half. Because now they got to break them apart.

Sue even confesses to Mercedes and Kurt about her 'handy-capable' sister. Sue, Kurt, Mercedes and Artie recreate the "Vogue" music video, semi-shot by shot--they changed directions and angles and shorten it and moved around some elements and captured the mood. It is unsettling to see Sue close-up but it was okay. It is a shot-for-shot remake. There is a montage of "I Feel Like a Virgin" with Rachel & Jesse, Finn and Santana, and Will & Emma. I don't like the montage because it makes sex look spectacular, it is romanticizing sex. I think it was a bit too soon for Will & Emma to be in bed, I think it was wise what happened afterward. Emma admitted she wasn't ready and they didn't do the deed, Will admitted he shouldn't have agreed to it. Rachel didn't want to loose her virginity to Jesse because she felt like she would be betraying her team. Finn actually had sex with Santana and felt nothing. So Finn and Rachel lied to each other. Rachel said she did it but she didn't and Finn said he didn't and he did.

I like that Finn didn't like sex afterward because that is truthful. Santana says it takes more after 500 times to enjoy it. It is a good message to teens watching. But I don't like how it insinuates that it would have been better if it was someone he cared about. Not always true. You guys could love each other but still be too young. Kurt and Mercedes join the Cheerios, Kurt looked so hot and masculine in "4 Minutes to Save the World" duet with Mercedes. Chris, you were never been so sexy! And to insinuate that gay people are not sexy when they are effeminate. So Jesse joins the Glee club and claims it is for love--because he loves Rachel. Jesse even wants a 'sing-off' with Flynn in order to settle things with Rachel. I love how the blond Cheerio thought Will is Jesse's father.