Thursday, April 22

Project Runway Season 7 Finale

It was really a tough decision tonight for the three judges. They all looked awesome, I loved Seth Aaron's more. Emilio was commercial, I didn't like the colors at all, it did look 90's but not a homage to the 90's but taken out completely out of the 90's. Mila's for me was not surprising, pretty but a bit repetitive (with the black and white). Seth Aaron's was also a bit repetitive, with the plaid swatches. I did like some pieces from Mila's and Seth Aaron's but none of Emilio's. But that is my personal taste. For Seth Aaron, I loved the blue one, that was called purple by the judges (I guess my TV's saturation is not great and I don't have Lifetime in HD) and the judges didn't like it, they thought it borderlined costume-y. I thought it blew me away when I first saw it. Below, you can see it and it is indeed purple!

Emilio looks a bit like a bum, with the jacket and black scully hat. I am sorry to say I was happy to hear Mila was 'out' and then again, I would be happy to if Emilio was called out. Emilio was unperfessional, he kept making faces when the judges applauded the others. Seth Aaron knew how to dres for the show. Yes! We all knew who would win. Seth Aaron was a winner since the beginning. Congrats to his family and congrats to him. I am glad Emilio did quote Anthony but I will not miss his lisp and his judging of others. Seth Aaron is also the youngest of the group and he is amazing that he made so many outfits. Interview with Seth Aaron