Thursday, April 15

Brothers & Sisters - Time After Time - 2 hours Special Review

The show already aired Sunday April 11th 9pm & 10pm but I needed time to think about it. I love Brothers & Sisters, I haven't reviewed one episode. My mom and I watch it religiously, my mom loved it, it probably look two years for her to figure out Kevin was gay. She watches it when she is doing stuff so never looked up, just heard it. Anyway, this was a great episode, well 2 episodes.

We see the Walker siblings in the 80's, when Sarah is a college student, she has a party at the family business. Tommy got drunk and had a car accident, this was the mis-de-direct. We are to believe Tommy was the big secret. Because Nora announces, in real time to the family that they are being blackmailed and are getting money for the company. So the family deduces that the thing Dick York is blackmailing about is Tommy maybe killing a guy. But in the end, they find out it was Kevin. It was very emotional and I think very cool, sort of ground-breaking. What happen was that Kevin had this friend from another school. This friend Aaron (Tyler Neitzel) tried kissing him, they were both drunk and Kevin punched him and they both fought.

Kevin was only 14 at the time and not out yet. The boy fell on the ground off a height like in a dock and got in a coma, and ended up paralyzed. Kevin didn't know, at that moment, his dad came into the scene. His dad only saw the fighting, according to his mom. Parents lied to Kevin, Kevin thought the boy was fine, and not paralyzed. And since Kevin was drunk and young, he barely remembered. Now he discovered the truth and he went to visit Adult Aaron (Christopher Thornton), who is in a wheelchair and happy with his partner. What the guy said to Kevin was to move on and to me it rang like a gay person wrote it. It is not negative, but it is very knowing and the dialogue is not that fluid, it seemed rehearsed. But of course, the guy might have rehearsed that speak for 25 years. So Kevin is having negativity against his mother. After the two parter, I am surprised he is still holding a grudge but I gues it will be a longer arc.