Saturday, May 3

What? Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan???!!!

In 2004, it was announced Conan O' Brien (who has proved himself in the writer's strike as the true king of late night) would take over The Tonight Show for Jay Leno in late 2009 when Jay is contractually obligated to leave. It has now been announced that lamewad Jimmy Fallon ("Saturday Night Live") will be taking Conan's spot as Conan takes over for Jay. On Entertainment Weekly, an unnamed network executive said Jimmy is a smart choice, I have to disagree. His two leading movies Fever Pitch and Taxi have been less-than-stellar hits, he hasn't done anything since those Pepsi commercials in 2007. The exec went on to say that he is a 'cute guy that will draw women in' would have been true two or three years ago. Jimmy comes off as annoying more than funny these days. I will miss Conan's show at its regular time but looking forward to the new vibrant Leno-less Tonight Show.