Thursday, May 8

Andy Bernard is a for sure for The Office Spin-Off

A Spin-off of the American "The Office" is all the rage now. Some fans, including buddytv, that a spin-off would be a terrible idea at a first glance. the premise and name have not been announced but there is a tentative premiere date of after the 2009 Super Bowl. Now, as NYE says.. Andy Bernard would be the most likely character to be spun-off. Andy is easily removable from the first show, but can survive on a new show. His character was designed as a scene stealer and Ed Helms is just great as him. NYE is correct, Andy is much like Michael, that the spin-off can have a similar dynamic. An insider says it is most likely Ed Helms. I don't know if i am looking forward to it. For example, I like "Grey's Anatomy" and was looking forward the spin-off but "Private Promise" was a big disappointment. I would had rather a "Desperate Housewives" spin-off.