Monday, May 5

Gossip Girl Eric is finally out

Everyone have been expecting Eric (Connor Paolo) to be the male character to come out on "Gossip Girl,' I had one look at him in the first episode and expected it (I mean, come on, he tried to commit suicide!). Not only does he come out, also the new character Asher (Jesse Swenson). Dan had to be the one who caught Asher in the act of kissing a guy. Dan and his dad Rufus are both against Jenny dating Asher. Dan confronts Asher, thank god the word 'queer' was the only epithet uttered, not like Degrassi that bounded about 'Homo.' Asher denies and then Jenny intervenes, being lied to and not the wiser until Gossip Girl lets all of Jen's little friends know through text. So he tipped it off to GG and then Blair questions him. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch the first part where Eric and Jenny talked and what they talked about.

Whose sexuality is questioned through out the episode is Asher. Blair gets into Asher's e-mail, while Jenny visits Asher at his house and starts making out with him. He mentions the 'bargain.' In Entertainment Weekly, they mention them using them. When Jenny questions his sexuality, he becomes mean and uses the 'date someone like you. ' Asher makes Jenny commit to GG saying she lost his virginity to him. At home, Dan confronts Jenny and Jenny tells Dan she knew Asher was gay and they made an arrangement. Things get hot for Eric when new bad girl Georgina (Michelle Trantenberg) arrives at Serena's house unannounced and she is the one who spills the beans to Eric's mother, Mrs. Wasp/Stepford wife. Serena finds out Eric was talking to Chuck--who supposedly doesn't judge him. Serena and Chuck cat about how she didn't know and her support now. He explains he met Asher at the place he was at and that Serena connects it.

Georgina is just an awesome villain, she manipulates and acts 'all innocent.' She kept repeating to Eric's mom that 'Eric has a boyfriend,' 'Eric kissed a boy' and 'oh I didn't know you didn't know.' And doesn't break out the 'malicious face' from the innocent one once. Sadly, Blair is old news in the bad girl department. She crashes the Jenny/Asher party to 'drop a bomb' but please, learn from the best dumb bitch. Much like Gossip Girl, the gay issue wasn't a big deal or even the main focus. The episode doesn't treat Eric or even Asher coming out as a big shocker, it is natural. And Serena's speech to her brother about her supporting him was good, it didn't feel phoned in or gay for straight 101, but the conversation felt real sisterly, like any conversation between Serena and Eric.

Blair even admits she cares about Eric. Eric crashes the party and admits he is gay and Asher is gay. Asher calls him a faggot and then Blair uploads the e-mails to GG, at Eric's command. I think it was great everyone stood up for Eric such as Serena and Blair. Nor so much Jenny but she was protecting her back. Eric's mother later reveals to Rufus she didn't feel right about her reaction. No coming out episode is not complete with a mother/son talk. Eric's mom tells him she is scared, that she wants the best for him--much like what my mom told me. He speaks about honesty. She talks about love and seems pretty understanding. This all comes off as a negative for Jenny, her friends label her a liar. So both coming outs didn't come out great for both boys, but Eric is a stronger man for seeing his boy's true colors. Hopefully Dan or Chuck will make a good boyfriend for Eric in the future.