Saturday, May 24

The CW4Kids: Got my answer

A while back I asked what would happen to the Kids' WB as the WB and UPN merged into the CW network. For a while, the Kids' WB stayed with its name and programing. Lucky enough I tuned in today and found out today was the premiere of the whole new CW 4Kids, which is a merger of 4Kids TV (which was formerly the Fox Box and in some places airs on FOX) and the Kids' WB. So Kids' WB is 'over' but still available online as KidsWB Beta with such programming as Looney Tunes, old Hanna-Barbara cartoons, Static Shock, Justice League, Scooby Doo, Zeta Project, Batman Beyond, and the 90's Batman The Animated Series.

The CW4Kids has advertised having Batman, Ninja Turtles Fast Forward, and that new Scooby Doo in the schedule, but last on. The new show for the line-up is a new version of Spider-Man with a cool but not killer theme song called The Spectacular Spider-Man. The current schedule includes Kids' WB's Will & Dewitt, Tom & Jerry Tales, Eon Kid, Magi-Nation and Johnny Test. There is a bunch of cartoons that I don't recognize. As for the other 4KidsTV cartoons such as Winx Club and Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have no idea about their fate, but 4KidsTV has gone beta as well so you can see their programming online.

As for my local channels, channel 39 which is CW South Florida is broadcasting CW 4Kids on Saturdays, which channel My33, which used to air 4KidsTV on Sundays, apparently it still will be broadcasted tomorrow.

CW 4Kids
KidsWB Beta

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