Sunday, April 27

Kenny vs. Spenny: Who do Gay Guys like more?

I never watch Kenny vs. Spenny, the Sunday night Comedy Central show about two idiots who have competitions, mostly because I find Kenny disgusting and repelling. Some gay guys actually do watch the show, especially for the episode with them in briefs. Spenny starts the show by saying whatever Kenny does to offend the gay community, he wants to separate himself from it. Spenny goes out with a hot gay guy Steven. Spenny admits to the show having a homoerotic-like appeal. Spenny is a fucking stereotype and goes to the gay community to interview them with a lisp. He then calls one lesbian a man. And she says that he is the reason they are lesbians. Spenny admits maybe a bit too much to Steven, even though he doesn't want to dig into his relationship with Kenny which Steven does kinda instigate.

It is funny to see what straight guys think they got to do with gay guys, they think its make out city. Steven doesn't say much, until Spenny asks if he is attracted to him. He is a normal guy, he says it is an awkward situation. Spenny is the one to kiss first, in the midst of Steven speaking. Steven breaks off from the kissing and says he is uncomfortable. Spenny tells them to leave but they of course of a hidden camera. Steven tells him he is trying too hard. Spenny admits wanting to win. When Spenny leaves, Steven says Spenny is straight.

Kenny has a 'gay friend' Christopher when Steven arrives. Kenny is thankfully dressed normal. Christopher tells Steven that Kenny and Spenny are gay. It is a girl's house but Kenny claims the house is his. Kenny mentioning kissing with Spencer and Steven laughs. Kenny shows Steven photoshopped pictures of them together. Steven tells Kenny he didn't think Spenny was gay. They went to a museum, claiming him and Spenny are history. Kenny gives Steven a toy squirrel, saying they both like nuts. Kenny lies, acting like the victim. Steven starts believing it, thinking Spenny lied to him and admits being confused. If this show was all staged and Steven is indeed an actor, this is good writing.

Steven tells Kenny that he is kissing him and Kenny starts almost crying, having Steven start believing it. The drinks start and then Kenny starts with the stereotype lines. He does then acts like some legitimate gay guys I know. Steven plans on leaving, then realizes Kenny is putting up an act. He doesn't believe any of them. Kenny toasts to victory. Steven does have a nice ass. Kenny is concerned that Steven bailed. Steven's answer about who he likes: 'neither one.' The camera men tell Kenny that Steven might have flip them off. Kenny then calls Spenny and tells him what happens. Spenny thinks he won. Final verdict? Teabagging?

Two gay guys come along and teabag the two. Both scream and the gay guys win.

As for me? It was funny and not offensive and not gross. Call me, Steven.