Sunday, May 18

Desperate Housewives Five Years in the future

In the end of season four, there was a fast-forward to five years and the next season will be set so, there are some questions to be answered. Thank god the girl's haircuts were not completely different. Lynette did suffer from year-change cuts and Bree is much more repressed.

Bree - What we saw was that she seems to be an acclaimed cook and book writer and Andrew is her assistant. Her husband was not see but it sounded like Orson.

Gaby - Gaby comes home to two little girls. Adopted? We don't know for sure. No sign of Carlos.

Lynette - She comes to Tom to find out their son Preston is in trouble, not his twin Porter who seems to be the one who gets in trouble the most, being in Juvenile detention.

Susan - Gale Harold plays Ken, Susan's new husband she comes home to. No sign of her two kids.

Katherine - Everything is peachy. No sign of Adam.

The only husband of the housewives we saw was Tom. And definitely the kids who played the kids are out of the work. Look out for new actors next year.