Friday, May 16

The Office Season 4 Finale Review

Totally awesome episode. It was just plain great. It was the last day of Toby, so Michael of course wants to throw a big party. Angela and Phyllis bump heads over party planning. Jim plans to propose to Pam. Toby introduces everyone to his replacement Holly (Amy Ryan), who Michael wants to hate but then falls in love with. Dwight 'hazes' Holly telling her that Kevin is a 'special' worker and it is just hilarious because every thing he says can be construed as being that way. Lots of surprises are abound such as Kevin revealing to Michael that Jan is pregnant.

I loved the inclusion of many of the characters like Meredith in helping Dwight with the raccoon in Holly's car (the reason they join together is in the deleted scenes) and taking the picture of Toby and Pam. I love Holly, she is awesome. When Jim was about to propose to Pam, I saw Andy (Ed Helms) and I figured he didn't get naything and weas quiet. To me, he looked like one of those muppets in a muppet special that used get to take and didn't take. So when he stole the thunder of Jim, it was hilarious and a shock. I liked Michael's joke about Andy proposing to Oscar as well. The biggest nugget of dessert was Phyllis walking into the office to find Angela and Dwight having sex.

Look out for awesome deleted scenes here.