Friday, May 30

Lost Season Four Finale Review


I reviewed the season 4 opening episode, appropriate enough I cover the finale, correct? Last season's season finale started the flash forwards with an unspecified time in which Jack was a wreck and tried to convince Kate to come back. Also, there was an unidentified body in a coffin that Jack visits. In the opener, we are taken to Hurley's life off the island and starting to focus on the "Oceanic Six." We were introduced to the Freighter (Kahana) and the 'Freighter people' (Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Frank and Naomi) last season and this season. Many people believe this season was going to be about the freighter people, but it was more about the Oceanic Six. I believe this season was about the Oceanic Six. The producers had said that because of the Writer's Strike, they had to tone down on the Freighter people and people wouldn't find out more about them. They seemed interesting, especially Miles, but i don't really care. I think fans care about the Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, and Aaron.

I am not going to try to breakdown the time line and breakdown of events, but to me, it makes sense. Somehow I am able to separate everything in my mind and everything fits together. I don't care if things are revealed or mentioned, I have got a hang of it. People have complained about season 2 and 3, but I think everything has a purpose. I think it has gotten clearer and we can see the bigger picture now. It is like one producer said, we began with one cookie crumb and now we see there is a bigger cookie. As for the flashbacks, this season we had a mix of everything. Flash forwards, flashbacks, mixed-character time jumps and the patented Desmond time-travel sagas.

In Season 2 we were introduced to Desmond and Penny and little by little, we would get closer and closer to reuniting them. In the amidst of everything happening in this episode and all the threads being tied and coming to a close, Desmond and Penny finally reunited and I was literally shaking and having goosebumps. It was destined. And i loved it when Desmond introduced Penny to his friends. it was awesome. What is so great about the show is that all these characters are connected but someone miss each other. For example and this is very spoiler-y, Ben's daughter (who he stole and wasn't his biological daughter) was killed by Mr. Widmore's men and he vowed to kill Mr. Widmore's daughter and that is Penny. Ben moved the island before Desmond's eyes and later he reunited with Penny, funny enough just a few hours and miles apart.

What I also love is how character evolve. We are given a scene years after they left the island and Sun actually meets up with Widmore. She also blames him for the death of a love one. Jin supposedly died on the Kahana and she gave birth to her daughter. She blamed her father as well and took over his company with the money Oceanic gave them. She then is cold and strong in her confrontation with Widmore. Great scene. As for the unidentified body in the coffin, it was revealed at the very end of the episode. I knew locke was gonna be the dead body in the coffin. Who else would have no one at his funeral? Now, many people might be scratching their heads and wondering why but I think it makes sense. When signs pointed to happiness for Locke, taking over the island... and his life was never fair. Wonder if his island after-life will be any better.