Saturday, May 3

Unfairness for Girl Celebrities in Same Crimes

Okay, you know how like the media is going crazy about female celebrities and their exploits, that include car accidents, showing bush, naked pics, and arrests... But Entertainment Weekly has brought up a good point. That with young celebrities, male and female, with similar incidents or controversies, girls get it worse. And guys get a pat on the back.

Amateur Nudity
"Vanessa Hudgens apologized after a nude shot hit the Web last year, while Pete Wentz got away with warning fans against taking risque photos after his own pics leaked in 2005." My own take is that on the radio, DJs made fun of Wentz but had a 'boy will be boys' attitude about it, while Hudgens was either applauded by the men and treated as a serious issue by the media. Also, Hudgens is a Disney kid, while Wentz is a 'rock' star, people expect that more, well these days everyone expects things from Disneylings like we do from Catholic School kids.

'Artistic' Nudity
"When Lindsay Lohan re-created a topless Marilyn Monore photo shoot for New York magazine, the website recieved millions of hits but so did her struggling career. Yet frenzied fans snapped up tickets to see Daniel Radcliffe get naked in Equus." The photo didn't help Lohan's already falling career and Radcliffe's photo did raise eyebrows, some were concerned because he was 17 at the time. But like myself, all blogs posted all the pics around.

Edgy Movie Role
"Sundance 2007: Dakota Fanning's Houndog--featuring the actress in a rape scene--bows amid a public outcry and calls for an investigation. Sundance 2008: Audiences shrug off a sex scene in The Wackness that involves Josh Peck of Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh." I never heard of either movies and I am a movie nut! Also, Josh (21) is a little older than Dakota (14) . If his role was involved in a same-sex rape, maybe more concerns would be raised. Or if he was the raper in a rape scene at the age she is now.

Acting out in Public
"Blogs went nuts over video of a slurring Ashlee Simpson at a Canadian McDonald's in 2005, but after Shia LaBeouf was arrested for allegedly refusing to leave a Chicago drugstore in 2007? Lots of talk about his supercute mug shot. Oh, and the charges were dropped." I remember some were concerned about Shia in the media but all in all, right now it is brushed aside. And he does look cute there. As for Ashlee, she is just hated and I don't see anything redeeming her.

I agree, the girls are treated harsher and this should change. yes, I understand some of the situations are the same. My parents says that how the world is, but I believe it should change.