Sunday, May 4

Why Brothers & Sisters is good

While 'Desperate Housewives" fluctuates from awkward sitcom-ish comedy and soap opera-ish drama (husbands becoming blind and drug-addicted husbands), "Brothers & Sisters" is something worth watching and savoring. With only four post-strike episodes, they had to cram many storylines together. Next week is the season finale. What fans were suspecting for a long time, Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) is not a Walker, enabling Justin and her to act their impulses. Tonight, the can of worms was released, all the shit hit the fan.

Rachel Griffiths had shown her acting prowess enough to overpower the acting hurricane that is Sally Field. And progressive as it is, Kevin (Matthew Rhys) proposed to Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) and a commitment ceremony will be held next episode. As Kitty got married last year's season finale, it is only appropriate there would be another wedding on this season's. Another storyline was wrapped up/revealed, that Uncle Saul (Ron Rifkin) finally came out as a gay man and appropriately to Kevin. Rarely do gay characters come out to other gay characters on prime time network television. The shows has come along.