Thursday, May 8

Scrubs Season Finale Review

"My Princess"
May 8, 2008

This is the episode that was be the first before the 4-part series finale, that was to probably be straight-t0-DVD. But now because ABC pick them up, this will serve as the season seven finale and NBC's finale. NBC dubbed it the 'Scrubs finale.' The show creator Bill Lawrence and his wife Christa Miller (Jordan) decided to make an episode that their children could watch. In this episode sightly inspired by The Princess Bride, Perry tells a story to his son Jack that was slightly inspired by events that happen that day at his job. Even though Bob Kelso retired in the last few episodes, he is magically back as the Chief of Medicine. Perhaps Cox was telling a story that happened long ago. Or Lawrence couldn't resist having Kelso as the bad guy in this one.

J.D. is the village idiot, Elliot is the princess naturally, Keith is a prince, the janitor is a Giant, Ted is a hunchback minion to evil Kelso, and Carla and Tuck are mixed into a witch named Turla. Also Lavrene ended up in the story, not named but it was her personality. The storyline revolves around Elliott and J.D. trying to save a patient/servant. The episode supposedly wraps things between Elliott and J.D. But what I like about the episode is at the end, Jordan is huddled in front of Jack's door listening to the story and wants to know if the patient survived. It was a so-so episode, with a uneven story, and the special effects were understandbly bad, but the cute ending made it all good.