Sunday, February 25

I Knew it, I didn't know it

As I said a couple of hours ago (about 15), Helen Mirren won for Best Actress ad she gave a eloquent speech.

Forrest Whitaker winning Best Actor was a pleasant surprise and shocking because no one expected it, it was like a fat chance but he is great actor and deserves it.

For Best Original Screenplay, Babel didn't win but Little Miss Sunshine surprisingly did.

And Best Director, of course, I got it right. Now, was The Departed taylor-made by Martin S. to win? Well, I don't think it was all him. It won for adapted Screenplay and Editing , it is not only him. Much like Susan Luuci who took forever to win, this is more building for him. Everyone stood up and he spoke forever. Six and half years working with Leo and he wants 12 more?

And The Departed won... Ooh, wow what a surprise (I say sarastically because you can't see my face). And a correction, Children of Men was nominated for some awards but didn't win. :(