Monday, February 4

Super Bowl NY Giants Win

Watching ESPN, no one can stop talking about the Patriots coach running in the field with 2 secs to go. it was kind annoying but most of the pros are taking it easy, with stride. They forgive him. As for Eli Manning, like I said before, now people will recognize him more now. Most people thought something else of his demeanor but in reality, it was cool and collected. Even when they had to do that meaningless play at the 2 secs, Eli was completely professional--he takes it seriously and its no big deal. John Stewart guessed the Giants would win, that they would 'put something in' and they did. I hope he won his bet. As for the commercials, they always wane down after the half-time show. Same old same old, I was kinda disappointed when it came to the commercials. The Dawyne Wade/Charles commercial was funny and really rounded out that whole commercial story. Also, Tom Brady was completely professional and a good sportsman about loosing in front of the press.