Tuesday, February 19

Series Finale for Nip/Tuck?

Just when you thought "Nip/Tuck" was crazy and nuts, it went over itself. I know the show is pretty out there and has done lots of crazy stuff, but this last season finale looked like a series finale to me. Here is major spoilers but most fans don't even watch the show anymore, so:

--Julia ends up in a coma and then gets amnesia forgetting everything
--Christian actually admits he has been wrong.
--Julia and Sean's daughter gets in a car accident
--Sean gets stabbed in the back continually by the nutjob that looks like Ms. Doubtfire.

With all that in mind, I feel this like a series finale. It jumped the shark and ate it. Yup, yup after a dwarf nanny, lobster baby, penis-less serial killer, perfect transexual, botched circumcision, assisted suicide to a mistress, and much more, this is what broke the camel's back for me. lol. Nah, it's just too much at once.