Monday, February 18

Kyle XY Season 2 Episode 19 Review

I have not been reviewing for a while, mostly because there is not a lot to review. There have been solid episodes but things have been pretty slow and that is not a bad thing. It has been such a good thing. Magda Apanowicz is such a great actress. I do feel Jessie but not as much for Amanda and Andy. Amanda is an awesome character, instead of a hot popular girl for the protagonist to fall for, he falls for a sweet chaste just hot girl. As for Andy, she and Josh have couples therapy with Nicole, Josh's mom. It is awesome to see Josh in a relationship, so grown up. This show is so smart and awesome to have Josh's first girlfriend not just be a regular girl, but have cancer and a funky smart ass. She reveals that her name is short for Andromeda, from greek mythology. Sadly, she says it means 'ruler of men' but it really means 'to think, to be mindful of a man.' Kyle focuses on Jessie for once, well not that Amanda is not a justified distraction. Adam Baylin, stupidly and I hate this, puts Jessi as Kyle's responsibility. Jessi is a wrecking ball, going over the edge and wanting to be the best, better than Kyle and Kyle finds out her mother was just as driven and it took her to her 'downfall.'

Episode Summary: Kyle and Jessi go to the university where Stephen now works as a professor. They crack a program a student created. There, they learn about Jessi's mom. Jessi and Kyle go to a bar with Mark, Stephen's T.A. Lori and Hilliary convince Amanda to go to the same bar to find a 'cool DJ' for the school prom, in which she can't even attend because of her mom. Meanwhile, Josh and Andy bicker over their relationship and Nicole delegates over them.

A fight even breaks out in the show. Declan starts it. It is a fun scene. Also, when Hilary is 'MCing' it and Kyle and Amanda find each other. Also, Lori has a new love interest---Josh Zuckerman as Mark. When Jessi heals herself, which Kyle still can't master, he lets his emotion pour out in concern about her. Her pushing comes with a price, nose bleeds and almost fainting. At least at the end of the episode, Adam admits his fault---that Kyle should decide for his own if he wants to protect Jessi. Even though Kyle and Amanda don't spend a lot of time in the episode, they do in the end and are reflective over their relationship--maybe when Kyle is off protecting others, Amanda can protect Kyle. Kyle and Andy even have a scene together! They rarely have a scene together. Andy actually shows her venerability to Kyle. "When you say it, I almost believe it," Andy says when Kyle tells her everything is going to be okay. And when they hugged, I wanted to cry. Kyle is such a caring character, I like how it is positive that he is sensitive and strong and his sexuality or manliness is not called to question.

Major Spoilers:
Kyle's nose bleeds after hugging Andy! Earlier in the episode, Josh suggests him curing her cancer. I love this show!