Sunday, February 3

Super Bowl XL II Crazyness

I couldn't post a pre-feelings of the show today, I wanted to post my feelings before the game and then later, but might as well do it now. Now, I used to go nuts about Brady and the Patriots going to the big game, but this year, I feel more for Eli Manning and the Giants, now being called 'the underdogs.' I really don't feel them as 'underdogs.' I think they passed that last year. I think Eli proved himself enough. But I guess everyone else will decide that by the end of this game. As for Brady, I don't feel the same way about him anymore after personal decisions (even though we all don't know the whole story and appearances can be deceiving) and his stubbornness of wanting to be on the game, even though of his knee. He could have put his ego aside and let baby boy Cassel play. But I guess he is a little thickheaded to think they wouldn't win without him. I find myself cheering for nimble Wes Welker, who is finally getting proper attention after not being able to do it before.

Every Super Bowl I usually watch the commercials more than anything. Even though the majority of them we will be seeing all year, some they won't run again, so it always interesting. When most go to the bathroom during the commercials, I used to go to the bathroom of the game Usually by the fourth quarter, I got bored. This year, I really am not cheering for either the Pats or the Giants. Just hope things work out, if that makes sense.