Tuesday, February 26

Florida Power Outage

Okay, here is my take. Around 1:15pm or so, there was and still going on, a huge power outage throughout the state of Florida. I, as a resident, was taking a shower and the water went narrow and thought my parents were using too much water. When I went out of the shower, I had electricity and thought everything was okay. Then I found out the electricity went out at my house but for only a minute or so. We thought it was only us, until my aunt call to tell us the electricity was out in Miami, that scared me. That a lot of the traffic lights were out. We turn on the television, thinking it wouldn't have the news but to our surprise, it is a big scare. Miami-Dade public school told parents to not pick up their kids and chill, because if all the cars went off to the schools and the school buses went into traffic, there would be more chaos. They recently announced that they could pick up their kids at 4pm.

FPL (Florida Power and Light) hasn't released an official statement on the reason for this outage, but it is believed that 5 out of 8 Nuclear Power Plants at Turkey Point in Homestead, Florida went out. 2 went back online but 3 are still out. It is also rumored that they tried shutting down 1 plant and that's how this started. It even surprised me more that not only the local television channels were covering this, but also CNN, Headlines News and MSNBC. They urge people to stay home unless it is important.