Tuesday, February 5

Conan and the war wih Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert

First of all, I didn't expect this. I watched "A Daily Show with John Stewart," it started tonight (Monday February 4, 2008) with "A Daily Show with John Stewart" at 11pm on Comedy Central. I am sure the episode will repeat all day tomorrow at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm. Stephen came on the show and explained about the rivalry, something about who birthed who. Then Conan came up behind them and challenged them both to a fight. John explained he had to finish his show. When the show was finished, John went to the hall to only find Conan. Stephen had already gone to do his show. They continued walking the hall. When the Colbert Report ended, Stephen ran to the hall to only find John. Conan had supposedly gone to his show. They go over to the door and it is locked. So it is midnight and I tune to NBC and they are running promos of their brawl, the three dancing and fighting, one of them being knocked into a stack of boxes.

Now, on the Conana show, during the time he is at his desk after the monologue, he recaps the whole feud. Colbert steps in and then John like a cronie. They then snap fingers like those Jets from Westside Story. Than Conan brings out his bat. In the hall, John looks at the bat and hits Conan. They battle comically and John accidentally hits John, so he puts a recycling bin on John and Conan hits him with his bat. Later on, Stephen and Conan throw John down the stairs. John and Stephen throw Conan at the boxes. Then Conan and John throw Stephen down the stairs. They fight some more. Later, the CC boys supposedly throw Conan down but it was his stunt double. They continue fighting and then mimic Rocky and their fists come at each other. Then Mike Huckabee makes a speech, saying 'forget these three idiots.'

NOTE: Highlights of it were shown during the 'Moment of Zen' of Tuesday's 'A Daily Show.'