Friday, February 22

Project Runway Fan Favorite?

I know I am a little late since this show aired yesterday but I could have lived with anyone else as the fan favorite except for supposed 'young prodigy' Christian on "Project Runway" Season 4. I voted for Sweet P, she is so cute. The other contestants thought it would be Chris or Christian. I knew most likely Sweet P wasn't voted for, I was glad to here celebrities liked her as much as I do. She mentioned Jack Black saying she was his favorite. Not that I am bitter or jealous but Christian really is a stuck up bitch. I guess he has talent or whatever but I knew plenty of kids like him back in high school, I went to a high school where there were fashion students, I was not one and the fashion students hated each other but liked me. Anyhoo, I was friends with one of the fashion students that as flamboyant, talented, and 'trend setter' as Christian, but he was humble, smart and a great friend. He doesn't have to put a pistol all the time. Also, he is so plastic, fake and delusional.

That word 'Fierce' gets on my nerves, it is so the M.O. of delusional young skinny gay boys. It might be a stereotype but there are so many of them and deep inside, they lacked the attention they craved and secretly hate themselves so they create this whole over-the-top 'I am the best' motto. If he reads this, he might predictably say "Oh my god!" or 'Screw him' or 'He's so mean' or 'I wouldn't say that' something of the like. He just needs an attitude adjustment. He didn't deserve the money. He is getting too much applause for being ridiculous and unauthentic. It is like Chris Crocker. Perez Hilton maybe a bit of a flamboyant over-the-top stereotype but at least he isn't annoying or pompous. You can tell he is a bit aware that he is just a 15 sec-of-fame kind of guy, so it gives him a bit more of gravitas.