Friday, February 1

Friday Night Lights: Better case for "Everyone Leaves Me"

Those teenage shows where the character says "Everyone leaves me" gets annoying, but this episode ("Leave No One Behind") is actually good and rings true. When I heard the character of Matt Saracen was going to rebel and drink, I thought it would be far-fetched and wouldn't make sense in just one episode. Actually, he has alot of problems to deal with. In this episode, he hangs out with Riggins and drinks and goes to a strip club---when his grandmom is admitted to the hospital emergency place. So, the coach grabs him and pours shower water on him. He has a heart breaking monologue, saying his coach left him for a better team, his coach's daughter left him for another guy, his last girlfriend---his grandmother's caretaker left him for her home country of Guatemala (which my parents are from!) and more importantly, his father left her for Iraq. He then asks what is wrong with him, his coach replies nothing. Simply touching. It made so much sense.