Friday, February 22

Moonlight Knight's Inspiration was the first TV Tokusatsu Hero?

Remember the Moonlight Knight in Sailor Moon? He was unique to only the Anime, his real name is Japan was 'tsukikage no naito,' which translates to 'Knight of Moon Shadow.' He was not in the original Manga, comic book. Some believe he was inspired by Moonlight Mask, a superhero in Japan.

Gekko Kamen, Moonlight Mask, made his debut on television in 1958 and was the first Tokusatsu hero on television. As you may know, I am very into Tokusatsu and always talk about it on my blog. Tokusatsu specifically are Live-Action Sci-Fi Children programs in Japan. Even though Super Giant is Japan's first tokusatsu superhero, he only had debuted in movies. Moonlight Mask set the standard as Japan's first live-action TV superhero, and was a huge success. Moonlight Mask's identity was always been a mystery. There were various movies, two animes (one being a gag-anime in 1999), and a manga adaptation. Because of the many concerns over children imitating Moonlight Mask's dangerous stunts, the show was unfortunately canceled in July of 1959, after the end of the final story arc, Don't Turn Your Hand to Revenge. Toei's movies, however, continued well into August of that year. The 21st century has yet to see him again.

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