Wednesday, February 20

What Shows are Returning Post-Strike?

Well, now that the strike is over, not a lot of our favorite shows will be back. Some will back in the fall. Obviously, many deals and plans for upcoming projects have been canceled.

Episodes already airing
12 more episodes, 4 have already been filmed.

there will be total of 13, since 4 already aired and 8 was already filmed, then expect 5 post-strike episodes

Episodes coming Soon
"Men In Trees"
February 27, 11 episodes

"Everybody Hates Chris"
March 2, 12 episodes

March 6, 8 episodes (3 pre-strike episodes and 5 after April 22)

"Two and a Half Men"
March 17, 9 episodes

"Samnatha Who?"
April 7, 6 episodes or so

"Aliens in America"
Late March, 8 episodes

April 14, 6 episodes

"Law & Order: SVU"
April 15, 5 episodes

"30 Rock"
April 10, 5 episodes

"My Name is Earl"
April 3, 9 episodes

Episodes soon to be filmed
April, 4 - 6 episodes

"The Office"
April 10, 6 episodes

"Desperate Housewives"
April 13, 7 episodes (including 2-hour season finale)

"Grey's Anatomy"
late April, 5 episodes

"Gossip Girl"
April, 5 to more episodes

"Brothers and Sisters"
April 20, 4 more episodes

Series Finale up in the air
April 10, 5 episodes
4 episodes for the series finale might go straight to DVD.

Up in the air
"Friday Night Lights"--unknown if it will be back this fall.

Next Fall
The last new episode you saw will serve as the season's finale.
"Heroes" -- you will get a super-sized season
"Dirty Sexy Money"
"Pushing Daisies"
"24"--Jan 2009

CANCELED-- updates 02/21/08

"Bionic Woman"
"Big Shots"--the Charisma Carpenter episodes did air. She guest starred on Heather Locklear's "LAX" but the show was canceled before Carpenter's episodes aired.