Sunday, February 11

Grosse Pointe DVD Review

One of my favorite canceled shows, and there are a lot of them, 'Grosse Point' is finally on DVD. It comes out this Tuesday, please go out and get it! I got it as an excluisive. It was created by Darren Star who also helmed 'Sex and the City,' 'Miss Match' (Alicia Silverstone's last sitcom, 'Melrose Place' and 'Beverly Hills 90210' which this series' show within a show resembles. The stitch is that it is a behind-the-scenes on the set of a popular teen soap. This DVD set has all 17 episodes that aired. At least it is more episodes than 'Wonderfalls', about a slacker girl who got messages from stuff animals, which only had 13 episodes. Unfortuantely for 'Wonderfalls', only 4 episodes aired for them.

The reason it is called 'Grosse Pointe,' which is the name of the soap within the show, as Darren explains it, it was to have you think it was a bad WB night soap so it would mislead. Most of the promos shopped it that way as well, well into its 17 episodes I might add. Just like 'Wonderfalls,' it was slotted on the dead Friday. 'Grosse Pointe' had many signs to point to failure (the over-the-top pumped up diva, the Jewish shlub, the overly nice newcomer, and behind-the-scenes foreign language---check the failures of 'Sports Night' and 'LateLine') but it never fell flat. It was always on the ball, hiralous, and you felt for the characters. That goes to the actors, especially Lindsay Sloan ('Sabrina the Teenage Witch', 'The Wonder Years', and The In-Laws) as Marcy Sternfeld who in a cut scene (not avaliable on the DVD) in which she threw up in a bag.

Also mention-worthy is Irene Molloy who was sure to be a breakout star but it never turned out. She gives all as Hunter, the stuck up diva. Irene's only other sitcom was 'Andy Richter Controls the Universe' which was also canceled. Man, that must say a lot if a fat lard like Andy Richter can get more work than a beautiful actress. Also, what the show also had room for some characterization. Marcy grows more indpendent, Hunter starts an affair with the 'stand-in' and Courtney (Professional Courtney Cox-doppleganger Bonnie Somerville) starts to wake up on how jaded the business really is. Rounding out the rest of the cast is Joely Fisher ('Ellen', 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Til Death,' and 'Wild Card') as producer Hope, 'Herman's Head''s William Ragsdale as the other producer, Kohl Sudduth as the 'older than he looks' Quentin, and Kyle Howard ('My Boys', 'The Drew Carey Show,' 'Run of the House,' 'Opposite Sex,' Orange County) as the aforementioned 'stand-in'.

If none of that attracts you, you could get the DVD only for the eye candy that is Al Santos (above left) whose only claim to fame was 'Jeepers Creepers 2' where his head gets eaten. And the joy is where his TV dad has a thing for him. Funny enough, Kyle Howard who played the 'stand-in' gets more work than the others that were supposed to be the hot and sexy protagnists.