Saturday, February 10

Unknown Hotties of the Week 02/12/07

I decided to do this early this week...

Matt Simms
As mentioned eariler this week with Chris Simms, I now found out there is yet another Simms football man.

Matt is the youngest of three, a senior at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey.

As of 2006, he has led it to the title game in the first two years as a starter. This according to AllSportsInsider. The above picture is now infamous throughout the blogs.

Naturally he is a quarterback now. He is 6'2", Matt seems to be most determined in enrolling with University of Louisville.

If you want to check out video of his plays, check

Luke Mably
30 year old British actor best known for The Prince & Me and unfortuantely The Prince & Me 2 sans Julia Stiles, actually he is the only original cast member.

He played Private Clifton in 28 Days Later.

Scott Elrod
This hunka hunky 31-year old German born actor, recently seen on 'Men in Trees' as Cash, he is 6'2".

He has been on the MyNetworkTV soap 'Desire' and 'CSI:NY.'