Tuesday, February 6

Super Bowl

I, as a gay man, love the Super Bowl. My family and I always have a big event and eat barbecue, chips and soda and watch the commercials. Most of the years, I do pay attention to the game but mostly watch because of the commercials. I always look forward to. What I haven't look forward to these days is the half-time show since the Jackson/Timberlake catastrophe. Will they ever trust a woman again to be in the half-time show?! (Last year it was Mcartney and this time Prince) Fergie was slated to a 'Pepsi Smash' show. Sunday's Super Bowl XLI is the third most watched television program in the United States drew nearly 2.5 million more viewers. Only the 1996 Dallas Cowboys' victory over Pittsburgh had a bigger TV audience, averaging 94.8 million viewers. Ironically, this year I only saw bits and pieces.

As for here in Miami, traffic was a nightmare in Miami beach because everyone was attracted to it to host parties while the actual Dolphin Stadium (Formerly the Pro Player/Joe Robbie Stadium) is about 18 miles away. And on Monday, the stadium's store had a 50% off sale bringing hordes of people as if they were looting the place. And major congrats to the Colts! Go Colts! God knows rain is a bitch to play in.