Friday, February 16

Al Santos Eye Candy #1

The one thing everyone remembers from "Grosse Pointe" (Now on DVD!) is Al Santos, especially the gay community. Here are a boat load of screen caps.

This is from the episode "Satisfaction" were Joely Fisher had left the real show so they had room for a new female producer character so this one was making changes. One was all Johnny (Al's character) all the time.

This is from the scene were Al Santos claim there were pictures all over the gay sites but what I remember one small pic with not much detail.

Johnny gets self conscious.

Side cheek and you can see the sock he wore right here.

This is the mastrubation scene from "Halloween" where Darren Star says the network (the WB) would allow it as long as Johnny didn't seem to enjoy it.

If you want to know, he was doing it to slow motion video of Courtney, the actress he liked, taking her clothes off running.