Friday, February 16

Grey's Writers: You better be going somewhere with this

Last week was enough with its shocking cliffhanger but this cliffhanger was beyond the pale, no pun intended. This is as spoiler free as I can try to be. But you better be going somewhere with this with last night's cliffhanger (which I just saw), 'Grey's Atanomy' writers. This is an awesome show and still is and I bet you a lot of fans are up in arms. Mostly they are denying that the obvious will happen and there will a dynamic change. I was kind of not all for the 'big event' episodes where a big disaster happens, like the airplane crash in season 3 of 'Nip/Tuck' but this one really pulled together the characters. I thought this arc was a two parter but it actually is a three parter.

Spoilers in white:
I am in the camp that says Meredith is not dead. But I think it is kick ass that they take risk as in making the audience believe that the main character is dead. I would totally be sad and mad if she is indeed dead but it was defiantly cool that they brought Denny and Kyle Chandler's bomb emergency guy from the Super Bowl episode they encored this Friday night.