Sunday, February 25

First Half Hour (of the Oscars 07')

So far, Pan's Labyrinth has won for Art Direction [ Art Direction: Eugenio Caballero, Set Decoration: Pilar Revuelta] and they mispronounced maybe all their names. No surprise, the movie won for makeup as well [David Martí and Montse Ribé]. The ceremony started with many of the nominees in front of a white screen and it was very creative. According to Ellen, this show is all about the Nominees supposedly. Also, Will Ferrell and Jack Black were very funny with their singing and dancing Schick about not being able to be nominated for an award. Nicely done, they have a crush on Helen Mirren. Jaden Smith and Abigail Breslin came to be present Best Animated Short and Jaden read the wrong line. It was so cute, he seemed unphased.

And they should have done what they did last year and have the winners from the top seats have their own podium because it was very akward when the winner [Torill Kove for The Danish Poet] for the short animated film took forever to come down from her seat. They also presented the award for best short film. The winner for that, didn't catch his name, made a great speech about his subject matter and short film directors period. They didn't play that 'stop talking' music once.