Sunday, August 23

Peculiar behavior in All About Steve

The upcoming comedy starring Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper and Thomas Haden Church is to premiere September 4th. Now, here are some curious things about this movie. First off, the commercials promoting this movie has it as Sandra Bullock's character as a crazy woman stereotype stalker--clearly seen in the poster. But in Entertainment Weekly interview, Bullock and her director Phil Traill boast the movie as a role reversal--a woman in the role of the sexually frustrated goofball (usually written only for men). But the trailers and previews are not portraying the movie as such. I think this is done because most movie-going audiences go for stereotypes and a woman in a male role would not attract them supposedly. I mean, look at Smiley Face, the Anna Faris drug movie where the woman is the hophead, and this movie never got to be in theaters--it went straight to DVD. Some people report this movie was supposed to premiere March 6, 2009. And another person says that in the Boston Legal Season Five DVD, there was a preview for the movie saying it was going straight to DVD, 'look for it soon on DVD.' I saw this preview at a Sears store. I think what happened was that the movie was meant to come out in theaters, then the powers-that-be gave up on it and planned to release it on DVD. Then since The Hangover came out in July, and Bradley did this movie before The Hangover, the powers-that-be decided to give it another chance (because The Hangover was a success).