Wednesday, August 19

Mother who set herself on fire at mall died

Cecilia Casals, 42 years old, died yesterday at Jackson Memorial Hospital, five days after setting herself on fire at the Mall of the Americas (formerly the Midway Mall), according to the Miami Herald. According to court records and her husband, she had a history of mental illness and had been convicted of trafficking prescription drugs (2008). Her daughter works at Savage Boutique, where Casals set herself on fire. NewTimes Blog says twitters at the scene said it happened at Ross. Casals made it out of the mall and into the parking lot, according to witnesses. Several concerned people tried to put out the flames and were burned in the process. Court records also show that Casals had legal woes and she was also accused of attempting to kill her ex-boyfriend in 2004. She was still on probation on drug trafficking charges.

My heart goes out to her family, it is a devastating thing and I hope no others have to go through it in any side or way. I am familiar with mental illness in my own family as a family member committed suicide six years ago. Coincidentally and not related to the suicide, this family member also played Santa Claus at that same very mall (when it was called Midway Mall) over twenty years ago. I share this in hopes not to be labeled as another 'loser blogger' talking about stuff he doesn't understand, neither do I want a pat on the back, who would want one in this situation?

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