Wednesday, August 19

Omer Bhatti: Accept Already

If you don't already know, this young man--Omer Bhatti, 25 year-old Norwegian dancer/rapper, who once lived in the Neverland Ranch is now believed to be Michael Jackson's illegitimate son. Omer denies it. He says because Michael used to call him 'like a son,' there is this confusion. But many in the media and some fans do believe he is his son because he was at the memorial (very close seated to the family) and many of the Jackson camp has accepted it. Michael's father Joe Jackson has said, "He acts like a Jackson, he dances like a Jackson." It is now rumored that he is living with the Jackson family camp. I read an article in People (the one with Saved by the Bell on it) and one of Michael's brothers says they won't deny it. Just they accept it. Bhatti has been cagey about his relationship to the singer. Previously, he has said he wanted to take a DNA test to determine their connection. Just face it kid, they accept you, take it.