Thursday, August 20

Daily Show: Fox News is Liberal

Fox News are so evil, they are hypocrites. According to their own rules on what a Liberal is---they are the media, that they are against the president during war time and that they complain all the time. Well, Jon Stewart has brought to our intention that Fox News has done all those things and according to them, they are #1 media. They are such blowhards. Saying 'liberals' or the left wings are pushing their agenda. Fox News is all about their agenda. Bill O' Reilly says he doesn't call protesters as loons and in 2004, he said it himself. And then their counter-argument to Jon Stewart all the time is that anyone can point things out if they do 24 hour news network. Um, if you are television reporters, you better stand by what you are saying. Don't come off all high and mighty. And yes, I'm just a blogger. Thank you for stating the obvious. The Shoe is on the other foot!