Sunday, August 16

Why isn't there a better Zac Efron Doll?

I have mentioned Zac Efron before and how I didn't get the attraction--well I do now. He looks like a doll literally. Like those Barbie dolls but there has been a lot of dolls of Zac Efron made so far (High School Musical and Hairspray), though none of them look like him. Not truly. Every pose he makes, he looks like he is made out of porcelain or that he was molded out of plastic, to be an action figure in every pose he does in photographs. So why hasn't there been a decent Zac Efron doll? Are the doll-makers too scared to make something life-like?

Like this? This is from the Madam Tussauds Wax musuem, I say too much wrinkles on the dimples, but other than that, pretty accurate.