Sunday, August 9

Roast of Joan Rivers

A big birthday present to me is the Roast to Joan Rivers. My birthday was on Friday. You know this was going to be raunchy. The first curse words were shit and bitch. They bleeped Pussy but didn't bleep Cunt? Wierd. They also let one 'Cunt' in, when Kathy said it, when Tom Arnold and Carl Reiner said it, they bleeped it. Brad Garrett got to say 'Clit' twice. Also, who is Whitney Cummings? She was in the commercials a lot but no explanation to who she was. She is a comedian apparently. Robin Quivers was there too, amazingly. For the usual old person (which in previous roasts was Bea Arthur and Betty White and Cloris Leachman), now is Carl Reiner. I was very glad Kathy Griffin hosted the show, she is Joan River's best friend so it made sense. I would have been insulted if she wasn't the host. She is genuinely funny. And as always, Greg Geraldo was very mean to Kathy, calling her as sad as the AIDS quilt. But Kathy was used to it.

Joan said supposedly that she picked FUNNY comedians but it looked like the same kind of panel with Greg Geraldo and Jeffery Ross. And what was the Sitcom rejects like Brad Garrett and Tom Arnold? Nice to see Gilbert Gottfried back from the Bob Saget roast. And Mario Cantone did the David Leary roast. Mario as usual was not funny. Kathy really made some real good jokes about Tom Arnold. Kathy even sat in the empty seats the roasters left, I don't remember if other hosts did that. Tom Arnold brought up Steve Woz that Kathy dated and said she is a pop-up blocker. LOL Tom was kinda funny, he called Robin Tyler Perry. We are so used to see Robin on the radio. Tom messed up with his jokes time and time and repeated his jokes. But failed. Tom dug some on his own too. The biggest surprise was that Brad Garrett was actually funny!!!!