Friday, August 28

Project Runway: Here We Go Again

Season Six Episode One and Two

New channel (Lifetime) and new city (Los Angeles), but the show hasn't changed, it is still good. It is still fun to watch. And the judges are not playing this time, they already got rid of two of the crazy 'avant grade' designers Ari and Malvin. Ari was interesting and maybe if it was an earlier season she would have lasted longer. So far the designers seem to get along and are tolerable. They aren't as annoying as last season's, but that is not saying they isn't annoying one. #1 annoying is Mitchell, who sent a practically naked model down the runway in the first episode. Nicolas (the redhead) is just a bobble of irritation, he states the obvious, he steps on other people and just unbearable to watch.

Who I think will be sent away early on are Nicolas, Irina (the forgettable one), Mitchell, Gordana (the one with the heavy accent), Johnny (the ex-addict) and unfortunately Carol. Carol is awesome, she is Southern and blonde and smart and a cool person but you know how these things work. Ra'mon (the black guy) reminds me of last season's Jerell, either he will be sent home early on or go far into it (top 5 or something). At first I thought Qristal was going to be bitchy but she is kinda nice and understanding, but I am sure she will clash with someone. Who does have potential is Louise (the one who sent a red lingerie-like dress down the runway in the second challenge, Shirin (who won the second challenge and looks like Elaine Benes), Althea (who pretty blond, who can get confused with the models!), and Christopher (who won the first challenge). I am not sure about Althea and Eppresson, they could either last all the way or I don't know, they have potential. Eppresson is awesome, he gives inspiration to all people over 40 that you can still goes for your dreams and you can be straight and a fashion designer.

Who is really hot is Logan. On the show The Models of the Runway, his model Fatma for the last two episodes, she has a crush on him and understandably so. She went off on a rant like a teenage girl with a crush. And when Mitchell picked her as his model for the third challenge, things screwed up. She went off on a hissy fit, upsetting Vanessa (who I like her look) and it will go on off for the next episode. I originally thought The Models of the Runway was not going to be interesting, but it draws you in. The girls are watchable and charismatic. It was sad to see Valerie sent home, she is awesome, like a 'mother hen.' (pun intended!) It is good that is a half-hour and it gives you a window to the next episode of the original show. With everything models say about the designers, I wonder what the models of the past seasons said about the past designers?

Also, why is Bravo still running reruns of Project Runway? Poor Kathy Griffin, her show doesn't get encored on Bravo.