Monday, August 10

Kathy Griffin's D-List Season 5 Finale

There was such a shock in this finale. I thought it was boring at first, as Kathy hangs with her friend Suzanne Somers and tries to get A-Listers to appear at the ceremony for her Star on the Palm Springs walk of fame. Most of the time she gets no one extra that is not advertised. This time, she did score. Barry Manilow and Suzanne Somers said they couldn't make it. And she stalked Carol Channing's house. They were able to actually go and surprise her and shocked me. Carol Channings is so much like her in her humor. And Suzanne, surprisingly, puts up with her more than lets say, Gloria Estefan. Suzanne also has a similar sort of career in the sense that she had to fight the public and didn't care what they thought and climbed to the top. She really is like a good role model for Kathy. She is 14 years older than her. They had a great montage at the end with the "What a Feeling" song with the celebrities that has been on her show this season and then it record skips to show that the star next to her is a Chimp.

Also, I had to mention that this season without Jessica, Team Griffin has been tame, I think Jessica was who really fueled the comedy between the quartet. Now, the other two just go along with Kathy's antics. I guess cause there is not enough time and space. Maggie takes most of the time and supplies most of the comedy and conflict at home.