Wednesday, September 24


After years of proding by comedians, press, tv shows, MADtv, and Kathy Griffin, Clay Aiken is finally being true to himself and admitted he is gay. I believe if you are in the limelight, you should be true to yourself. I can understand if he is southern and everything. I hate when Gay guys come out and they say they don't want to be an advocate. I guess they feel deep down that they will burnt at the torch. If you are a positive guy and don't do drugs, then what is wrong with being a positive role model? If people look up to you and want you to speak at a couple events, what is the harm in that? As for Clay, I think he has big steps here and there to get there. He's not there yet. I mean, he just had a kid through artificial insemination. How obvious you got to be there. He didn't go the Tom Cruise route. I mean, Tom Cruise went the Tom Cruise route and people still suspect he is gay. Yes, people's business is people's business. But stop kidding yourself and be true to yourself. Stop being ashamed, I'm not.

If he is afraid that he is going to loose his country music fans or fans from the red states, he can think he can make a difference. The difference is showing that gay kids come from the red states too. You can be raised with good values and still be a person with good values. That your sexual orientation, shouldn't matter. Just be openly gay from the beginning, it has worked fine for Jim Verraros, John Barrowman, and Peter Paige.