Saturday, September 6

Wonder Boy: A Blog post about Gender/Sexuality

I stumbled upon this great post on this blog Alex in Wonderland wondering why there is no Wonder Boy in the current Wonder Woman world. There was a Wonder Boy in 1940 that has been in Teen Titans but nothing more has been done. The post/article is really great, stuff I talk about alot about seperating gender and sexuality. For example, ahving a character that is gay but masculine, canceling out the belief sexuality and gender are tied together. The reason this brought up is the notion that people might believe a boy superhero following girls would be gay or less 'macho.' And this notion is brought out by our society.

Here are some excerpts from the blog to entice you:
" Attempts to incorporate men into the adventuring cast of the Wonder Woman title are often hampered by their status as love interests. So, why no Wonder Boy? "

" Supergirl, Batgirl, Miss Martian, Speedy, Aquagirl…all of them have been at times accepted as legitimate heroines without questions to their femininity. "

" This move is important because it seeks to debunk the supposed link between sexuality and gender by maintaining that it is possible to be masculine and still desire men. "