Tuesday, September 9

Scrubs' Final season is on ABC

"Scrubs" is coming to ABC, but mid-season. No word when when it will premiere nor what day or time. Big news is that Courteney Cox (Monica from 'Friends') will be the new chief, replacing Kelso, for 3-episodes. Zach Braff and Judy Reyes said this will be their last season, they said this separately of course. "Their salaries exceed the budget of ABC and, I think, so do their ambitions," Reyes told Bloomberg. "Mine do, too. "

ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson indicated there might be a way to keep the comedy going with new cast members, a la NBC's revolving-door medical drama ER. "We do think that it will not hopefully be a one-season situation," McPherson said. "We do think there's an opportunity after that--talking to Zach, talking to Bill--and whether all of the cast is a part of that, I still think there's a great amount of growth there. " Still, creator/showrunner Bill Lawrence has the finale--which he'd written about four years ago--ready to go, and it might finally reveal the name of the janitor (Neil Flynn). "We just have to change some pop culture references," he said. "When you hear the janitor's name, the show's over. "

Michael Ausiello (Former of TV Guide, now for Entertainment Weekly) announced that last week they shot the probable series finale for the show. Creator Bill Lawrence brought together significant guest stars from the comedy's past eight scenes for a scene that will much like Seinfeld's series finale that brought all past characters back. But unfortunately, NBC has to be a spoiled sport and not let two past guests come back because they are part of NBC: Sarah Lancaster ("Chuck") who played the Souveiner Shop girl and Masi Oka ("Heroes") who played a doctor. This series comes back this spring.

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