Wednesday, September 3

Project Runway: I Love Stella

I was gonna say before she was asked to leave was that Stella is one of my favorites this season and she definitely is the Sweet P of the year. Unconventional and you are rooting for her. I just knew when she started out, she was not going to make it because her style is rock and roll and leather and you need to have a larger pallet to be in Project Runway. Also, the judges are New York and upscale Fashion, they are going to go for that, all that Bryant Park is that. So, at least Stella tried to be 'feminine' but she had no practice in it and no experience in it and when you are going against experts in it, there you go. But I love you Stella and you rock. She had the last word too. She said her 'ego' was too much, I don't think so. She doesn't have as a big ego as the other idiots, at best it was her attitude. Tim called her ebullient.

Now it is sure who will be the final three or four (like last year). The ones with real talent is Korto (when Heidi says her name, it sounds like 'Cut Toe'), Leanne for sure, Kenley (who might crumble under pressure but has great design), and Terri (but lately she coming up as a one trick pony). Korto is definitely the obvious talent. Kenley reminds me of the past designers, she definitely will make it to the last 3. Leanne at first I got her confused with Jennifer. I thought Jennifer had a bad hair day and a good hair day, but in the end, finally we found out Jennifer was bland and boring and out of her mind ("I'm Avant Guard!")--she needs a dictionary. Leanne has shone this past weeks and she is a plcuky designer.