Wednesday, September 17

Project Runway: Snap Kenley out of it

I was all for Kenely in the beginning, but now she is getting on my nerves. She seemed really cool and her style was great, but now her outfits are seeming like more of the same. And she has the same problem as her pal Daniel, in which she doesn't respond well to criticism and DOESN'T LISTEN. Daniel didn't listen and neither does Kenely. She has openly said she won't listen. I feel sorry for Korto and Leanne, that they have such great talent and they have to listen to that sniveling whiny-puss. I am getting tired of her laughing, she reminds me of an acquaintance of mine, who I think is beautiful, smart and like her style, but she is just a great big bitch and doesn't know how not to be mean. So I am happy she gets what she deserves next week, it looks like she is crying and whining. The challenge is a hip-hop challenge with LL Cool J as a guest judge and there is a funny clip where she thinks something is 'hip-hop' and Korto said that she and Jerrell were not going to tell her that what she had was not hip-hop. And just because they are black, they know about hip-hop? Korto is straight from Africa and Jerrell is a gay oreo. Kenley didn't listen last week and did whatever she wants and did the gravest mistake... not listen to Tim!

Even though Tim was not completely right on Jerrell's design, which Jerell won, Tim is there for a reason. You to listen and learn and incorporate. Hasn't Kenley ever watch the show before? When other designers don't listen to his advice and then get kicked out. As for Joe, he didn't listen either. I knew Joe was gonna get kicked out soon, his dress for the spy movie/old designer challenge was bad, in poor taste. Unfortunately he suffers from straight guy-don't know much of fashion-itis. Sticking too much to stereotypes and general ideas. The Chinese dress he did was too cliche-y, this one he did for this challenge was way cliche-y, and even the dress he did for the drag queen... he said he had to think of it like making a halloween dress for his daughters and went with pink, which was very stereotypical for girls. And the outfit he did for this challenge was badly constructed. I liked what he said about going for your dreams and proving that to his daughters, that's great. He just wasn't for this competetion and his level is not at the level it has to be for Bryant Park. The funny thing is that he mentioned it alot as if he actualy thought he had a chance of going.

As for Suede, I think the kid is sweet but the whole 'Suede this, Suede that' is annoying and like Michael said, he is not at the level that he can be saying that. His outfit didn't look at all for the girl, it looked great but it was way too overworked. Korto's was great but I get disappointed that she always ends up at second place and Molly Sims... I'm sorry what's her name? German Beer girl? She always says, "Nice work, Cut Toe. You're in." One thing I am not going to miss about Joe is how in every challenge when Hiedi would say what the challange was, he would have his mouth open and have an empty look in his eyes and blink constantly. Also when he would do it as well when standing there on the catwalk listening to the judges. Close your mouth! You are getting flies in there!