Wednesday, September 10

Project Runway: The Crap Hit the Wall

The previews always make the next show look like it will be harsh but that's just how they edit it. It literally did, this episode was off the chain. The challenge was a zodiac-inspired avant garde challenge with past losers. The ones that i thought were going to bring them down didn't but some really really did. it was great to see Stella back, she was full force this time. She was helping Blayne and was really Gun-Ho about it. Wesley and Daniel came back but unfortunately nothing was mentioned about their relationship, nor anything was shown. I would at least be happy to see them waking up together or something. Keith came back and apparently he is still not over being booted and that was two weeks before, Stella was kicked out an she seemed fine. Keith is still a crybaby and unfortunately teamed up by force by uberbitch Terri.

No one has been liking Terri and her style has been the same old crap. She wanted to do everything and Keith gave up and she did everything on her own. Kenley was all 'horray' about her dress and it was horrible, like Tim said, it looked like Glenda from the old MGM Wizard of Oz movie. It looked nothing like the challenge. And I was surprised that Tim totally ragged on Jerell's design, he was helped by miss 'I think I am Avant Grade' Jennifer but she actually did help him well because he won. The top part of his dress was nice. As for Daniel and Joe, I thought they were going to sink each other but they did pretty well, I like their outfit.

The wierdest part of the episode was that past castmembers came back to vote on who will win at some museum. Christian, last year's winner, who gets on my nerves, came back, but wasn't so annoying. At least he critiqued super bitch Terri. I never liked any of her designs, the judges did. Kenley got super defensive when Heidi critized her dress and even more when the judges did. Nina Garcia came back as a judge with no explaination where she was, the past challenges felt uneven with her and she is sharp with her opinions, it felt much more balanced with the critique now. Blaine's wasn't that bad, but he got kicked out, which surprise everyone, including Stella, causing almost everyone to cry. I was not surprised Blaine got kicked out, he got warned before. I think he just didn't fit the show, he has great stuff but still has to grow. I think the producers wanted to make him the 'next' Christian with his catchphrases but it just wasn't working. I was so glad Suede didn't get kicked out because Terri did!

Jerell was so happy he won, he thinks he is going to win more, but I don't think that will happen, because the past designers voted for it, not the judges. I think the next challenges they won't vote for him. As for Suede, I don't think he will make to the end. There is six now and I think the final 3 will be girls. Or if Kenley continues this stubborn streak, maybe Jerell will have a chance. Next week looks like they will rip them a new one but it might be true, since this one was very... wow.