Monday, September 1

Simpsons Sequel Circles

[Picture provided by G4, I liked it enough]

In late 2007 and early 2008, a sequel to The Simpsons Movie seemed unlikely due to salary disputes with the voice actors and the Writer's Strike, and the producers delved in the same pixar jargon that they have said about Toy Story sequels, "If we have a good story worth telling..." But in July 2008, Groening joked that the reason the first movie took so long was, "We didn't want to work harder" while also continuing to produce the series. He noted that the film "took four years" and indeed a lot of work. It will take a while, but most likely it won't take as long as the first movie took to be made. But yeah, I forecast them even talking about a new movie in 2010 and might release by 2012 or so. Look, we thought 2002 would be far but we are now in 2008, so time flies.

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