Saturday, September 13

The Adventures of McGee and Me

There was this show I watch during Sunday school that was live-action with cartoons and very memorable. The Adventures of McGee and Me (1989-1995) was about human Nick and his imaginary cartoon friend McGee. Each episode of it promoted a moral lesson while containing many underlying ethos throughout. Episode titles are puns or witticisms derived from literary or pop culture references. A typical plot-line involves Nick and McGee's adventures while either attempting to help others or overcome a personal setback. Before the resolution, Nick has a 5 minute dream sequence involving McGee in his native cartoon world. McGee plays out a new story that mirrors the trials Nick is facing in the real world. Although shot on film, McGee and Me! was the first made-for-video production to air on network television (ABC-TV), and was a winner of over twenty awards.

Nick drew McGee and I loved drawing and wanted to be a cartoonist so I looked up to Nick. I thought he was cute too... something I kept to myself of course. I once talked about it to a work mate about the series. He had seen it too, being homeschooled and of a Christian religion. This series is rarely mentioned or referenced.