Tuesday, September 2

90210 review

I was 8 when "Beverly Hills 90210" came out, so I was not into it, I only picked up a couple of episodes later on. I really went into this show "90210" with high hopes, while the plot is good, some of the dialouge and acting sucks. Some parts of the dialouge is pretty juvenile, like it is a starter series for teenagers. The parents' dialouge is not so bad. Kelly has the good parts, though she is only as a 'guest.' Kelly and Brenda don't reunite until in the second episode, which is a hour and a half into the '2-hour event' and sparks flew, it was like the old days. As for the new kids, there is cheating, lying, backstabbing, betraying, etc. ---It is like if they think we have never seen today and this is the first time we seen this sort of stuff. I would think they would think ahead to people who have lived off teen shows like the writers of Gossip Girl, which the second season premiere was pretty well written. Much better than this one. 90210 is not bad but it's not great. Also stuff that the teacher (Ryan Eggold) says is so unlike what real teachers say, it is more like an ingrate overgrown student. He looks too close to their age as it is.

The lead girl is like if they plucked her out of that awful "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Rob Estes, since he is from Melrose Place, looks like he was already in the first 90210. I love to see Lori Loughlin in anything, she plays the mom. I thought Rob's character would be involved with Kelly but instead of... having a child with the mother (the second Laurie on "That 70's Show") of Naomi (AnnaLyne McCord). In "90210," everyone is connected. And I get confused how many girls on the series. There is Silver (Jessica Stroup), Kelly's half-sister---I don't remember being one and some other chick Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) who steals Naomi's money to pay for her drugs.