Tuesday, August 5

Raising the Bar

TNT has a new series coming along called "Raising the Bar" starring Jane Kaczmerek, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Gloria Reuben. I like Gosselaar, glad he is getting work, and I like guys with long hair, but if he is head-lining his first series, I think they should have let him go with shorter hair. I guess hair doesn't matter. Writing and acting should be enough. Oh wait, hair does matter on television. Remember "Felicity"?

What an interesting mix, Jane Kaczmerek and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And Jane as a judge? She has played one before.... on "The Simpsons!" Also in the cast, Whedonite Jaime August Richards ("Angel"), I am glad he is getting work. He has played a lawyer before on "Angel" and "Conviction." Let's see how this goes.